Annual Travel Insurance

Whether it is for business or pleasure, our annual travel insurance policy is ideal for those who are planning more than one trip / holiday within a year.

The price of travelling has been going down for many years so, increasingly, people are taking more than one holiday a year. You work hard so you deserve it! The main advantage of our annual / multi trip travel insurance policy is that, no matter how many trips or holidays you go on within twelve months, you only need to take out the policy once. This will save you a lot of hassle, time and money.

No-hassle Annual Travel Insurance for Holidays

The more holidays you take, the more likely are the chances that something will go wrong. If it does, it will probably be a minor headache such as delayed baggage but you need to be covered for serious illness, injury or theft as well. Never risk going on a holiday without travel insurance because, if disaster strikes, you could be left with a bill which is way beyond your means. Don't let your holiday become a nightmare. It'll probably never happen but you must insure against the worst. We are here to provide you with peace of mind. No matter how many holidays you take you can rest assured that, should things go wrong, we will take care of the cost.

Annual Travel Insurance for Business Trips

If you are going on multiple business trips within twelve months, then our annual travel insurance is perfect for you too. You are just as at risk from misfortune as the holiday goer. We will protect you throughout your trip so you can get on with doing business without any worries. Have a look at our policy cover details and you will find that we insure against everything from cancellation through personal injury to catastrophe. We also offer a 24-hour medical emergency service.

Get an instant quote today by filling out our quote form. We are confident that our annual travel insurance costs are amongst the lowest in the country, without any compromise on quality. So, make life easy for yourself by availing of our first class annual / multi trip insurance cover. We are travel insurance specialists so you are in good hands with us.