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Everything you want to know about Travel Insurance

Should you be unlucky enough to have a claim, click on Claims and Intana Assist will look after your claim promptly

Click here to check on your cancellation cover

Click here to check on your Curtailment cover

Travel Insurance is there to give you peace of mind while on holiday, should a catastrophe occur while you are away, click above to read what you are covered for in case of a catastrophe

Certain conditions are attached to your holiday insurance policy, click above to read these conditions

Complaints Procedure
If you have a complaint to make about the company, which we will strive for not to happen, click above for details on compaint handling

In the unlikely event of a Hijack click above for cover details

Legal Expenses
During the period of your trip abroad, should you become injured and require legal assistance, click above for details of legal cover available on your travel insurance policy

Loss of Passport Expenses
If you are unfortunate to have your Passport lost of stolen click above for details

Medical Emergency Expenses
Click above for your Medical Emergency Expenses cover under your Travel Insurance policy

Medical Inconvenience Benefit
Should you be hospitalised for more than 24 hours click above to find out what benefit you can claim while you are an in-patient

Missed Departure
Click here to find out details on missed departure cover

Personal Accident
Should you be unfortunate to have a Personal Accident while abroad, click above to check on your travel insurance entitlements under the Personal Accident section of your policy

Personal Property
Should you lose your or damage your personal baggage click above to get your full cover details

Travel Delay
Should your travel arrangement be delayed, click above to find your Travel Delay entitlements

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Sports Cover

A list of amateur sports from A - Z are included on you policy, click above to see which sports are automatically included on your travel insurance policy

Skiing Cover

Avalanche Closure
Should your resort be closed due to an avalanche, click above to check what you are covered for under your travel insurance policy

Piste Closure
Should you find the Piste closed you arrive and are unable to ski, click above to check you what you can claim for

Ski Equipment
Should your Ski Equipment be stolen, click above for full details of cover

Ski Pack
If you are medically unfit to ski, click above to find out what you can claim for under Ski Pack