Backpacker Travel Insurance

So, you've just finished college and you want to see a bit of the world before you settle down into a full-time job. Or maybe you are in between jobs and want to do some globe trekking as it has always been a dream of yours. Most of us are affected by wander lust at times in our lives. If you decide to do something about it, we are here to ensure that you are covered against possible misfortune such as cancellation, injury or illness, and theft by providing you with our backpacker travel insurance.

Nobody likes to get bogged down in insurance matters, especially when you are about to live your dream of exploring some part of the world. With us you can take out cover swiftly and easily. It's all done online. We will protect you apart from against travel weariness. Whether you are going solo or with a partner, whether you are going for two months or six months, our extended stay policy will suit you.

Backpacker Insurance - for the serious traveller

Backpacking is about exploration more than anything else. It's about having experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's about satisfying a craving to walk in foreign lands and encounter foreign cultures. For many, globe trekking is done only once in a lifetime but it is life changing. Don't let fear about what could go wrong take away from this.

Backpacking is different from a holiday. There is more travel involved and less planning and organisation. This means the backpacker is more at risk than the holiday goer. Put your mind at ease by buying backpacker insurance from us online – it's as easy as packing your bags. Enjoy the romance of exploration without unnecessary worry.

Insurance for Backpackers

Wherever you may roam, be content in the knowledge that should something go wrong, and we will cover the cost. We want you to have the time of your life. No trepidation or unease about potential disasters.

Our backpacker policy is also suitable for more elderly travellers. Maybe you've retired from work and feel that you deserve a lengthy trip abroad with your spouse. Maybe it's something you've been saving up for. It's never too late to go globe trekking. You are never too old to enjoy new experiences. We say go for it! Our backpacker / extended stay cover will give you the serenity of mind that is necessary to make it a truly enjoyable journey.