Pre-existing Medical conditions

You are not covered for pre existing medical conditions if, when you took out this travel insurance or when you booked your trip, you or any person to be insured under this policy:

1 has been put on a waiting list for which they are still awaiting in-patient treatment
or investigation by a hospital department;
2 has received treatment as a hospital in-patient or out- patient, or been under the care
of a specialist consultant within the past 12 months;
3 has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or treated for a malignant condition or any type of cancer;
4 has been treated for any breathing problem that has required steroid or nebulized drugs in the past two years;
5 has ever been treated for a heart related problem (including angina but with the exception of high blood pressure or high cholestrol in isolation)
which has involved surgery or regular treatment with any kind of medication;
6 has suffered a stroke or required treatment for a circulatory condition which has involved surgery
or regular treatment with any kind of medication tablets;
7 has previously been diagnosed as suffering from any psychological or psychiatric disorder,
including but not limited to anxiety, stress or depression;
8 has ever received any organ transplant, or are currently on renal dialysis;
9 for undertaking a trip when travelling by air or sea if at the start of your trip,during your trip or on your return date, you are more than 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant for a single pregnancy, or more than 32 weeks and 6 days for a multiple pregnancy.

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', a loss arising directly or indirectly
from the condition in question is not covered under this policy.

An immediate relative who is not travelling with you, a travelling companion not insured by this policy, or the person you are inteding to stay with, may have a pre-existing medical condition. In some cases, if their state of health deteriorates greatly, you may want to cancel or curtail your trip.
Subject to all the other terms and conditions, such claims are covered if the person's Medical Practitioner can confirm in writing that at the time you bought this policy, he/she would have seen no substantial likelihood or his/her patient's condition deteriorating to such a degree that this would become necessary. If the Medical Practitioner will not confirm this, your claim is not covered.