If your dog could choose Pet Insurance
they would choose JustCover.ie

What Our Pet Insurance Policies Include
Veterinary Fees up to €4,000
Third Party Liability (Dogs only) up to €250,000
Death from Accident up to €1,000
Boarding Kennel/Cattery Fees up to €1,000
Theft/Straying up to €1,000
Holiday Cancellation up to €1,000
Lost and Found Ads up to €1,000

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Top ten training tips:

1. Choose your pet’s name wisely, you are going to be listening to it for years to come.

2. Decide on house rules – Before your new arrival to your home, decide on house rules, where in the house they are allowed to go, upstairs, onto seats. Knowing the rules causes less confusion for you and the puppy.

3. Set up a private Den – Like humans dogs need their own space and a comfortable place to relax and sleep. Get them used to their den by introducing them to it for short periods of time at first, until they feel comfortable and at ease.

4. Help your dog relax – when you have a new arrival give them a warm hot water bottle and a ticking clock. This imitates the heat and heart beat a litter makes. Also remember to give them plenty of love, they will be missing their family.

5. Reward good behaviour – Use toys, love and lots of praise

6. Teach your pup to come when called – This is one of the first things you should train your dog to do “Come Ozzy, good boy”. It is always good to get down to their level and give plenty of positive reinforcement.

7. Train on “Dog Time” – dogs live in the moment, two minutes after they have done something, they have forgotten it. Consistent repetition will reinforce what they’ve learned.

8. Discourage jumping right away – when a puppy jumps on a person don’t reprimand them, just turn your back on them, ignore the behaviour and wait until they settle down before giving them positive reinforcement. Never encourage your dog to jump by patting them or praising them for jumping up.

9. Say no to biting and nipping – instead of scolding your new pet a great way to discourage nipping and biting is to pretend you are in a lot of pain, a sharp loud noise should work.

10. End training sessions on a positive note – Always end a training session with lots of praise, a treat, and or five minutes of play. This will guarantee your puppy will turn up to the next training session ready to work and learn.

Pet Advice:

Ever heard the saying, "a dog is a mans best friend"?
Dogs are loved by people everywhere. If you never had a dog , here are the best 5 reasons why you should get one .

1. Dogs Watch Out For You
One of the good points of having a dog is that they will help to keep your home safe. Homes with dogs are less likely to be broken into,
You will sleep better knowing that the dog will hear sounds that you may not hear.

2 Dogs Will Help Keep Your Weight Down
Having a dog is good for you as you will have to exercise it every day, which in turn will keep you active,

3 Dogs Help You To Socialise
When you take your dog for a walk, people are more likely to stop and talk to you which helps to make the journey more enjoyable as people love dogs.

4 Dogs Are Great Company
Many people can suffer from loneliness, and find having a pet helps greatly with being alone.
Children get great pleasure out of having a dog as a pet
Dogs can be very affectionate and can bring a lot of comfort

5 Dogs Can Help To Relieve Stress
Petting a dog in known to relieve stress, it helps with feelings of comfort and contentment.

How To Look After Your Dog
Feed your pet good food but do not overfeed
Make sure your dog has all the necessary vaccinations
Keep the dog sheltered
Make the dog part of your family
Dogs love rubs and petting, and in turn they will love you back
You should groom your dog regularly