Up to €3,000 for the value or repair of any of your own personal baggage(not hired, loaned or entrusted to you), which is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed (after making proper allowance for wear and tear and depreciation). Limited to €250 for all valuables in total, limited to €250 for single and/or a pair or set of articles, limited to €360 for all sports equipment.

NOTE - In the event of a claim for a pair or set of articles, we shall be liable only for the value of that part of tghe pair or set which is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.


Up to €145 towards the cost of buying replacement necessities if your own personal baggage in delayed in reaching you on your outward journey for at least 12 hours and you have a written report from the carrier (i.e. airline, shipping company etc) or tour representative, Receipts will be necessary in the event of a claim.

NOTE - Any amount we pay you under 2(Delayed Baggage) will be refunded to us if your your personal baggage proves to be permanently lost.


Up to €400 if your own money is lost or stolen whilst being carried on your person or left in a locked safety deposit box.

NOTE - if you are aged under 16, claims under Personal Money are limited to €100 overall.


1) for the first €100 of each and every incident per each insured person involved in the incident (not applicable to 2,Delayed Baggage).

2) if you do not excercise reasonable care for the safety and supervision of your property;

3) for loss, destruction, damage or theft of personal baggage, valuables or money left unattended in a public place, or a place to which members of the general public have access;

4) if, in the event of loss, burglary or theft of personal baggage, valuables or money, you do not report this to the police within 48 hours, and do not obtain a written police report;

5) if your personal baggage is lost, damaged or delayed in transit, if you do not:

a) notify the carrier (i.e. airline, shipping company, etc) immediately and obtain a written carriers report (or Property Irregularity Report in the case of an airline) or,

b) follow up in writing within 7 days to obtain a written carriers report (or Property Irregularity Report in the case of an airline). if you are unabel to obtain one immediately.

6) for loss, destruction, damage of theft;

a) from confiscation or destruction by customs or other officials or authorities;

6b) of contact lenses, dentures hearing aids, samples or mechanise, bonds, coupons, securities, stamps or documents of any kind, vehicles or vehicle accessories (other than wheelchairs and pushchairs only), tents, antiques, musical instruments, pictures, mobile phones and/or accessories, computers/games consoles (including handheld consoles) and/or accessories, televisions, sports gear whilst in use (other than ski equipment for winter sports trips where the appropriate premium has been paid), pedal cycles, dingies, boats and/or ancillary equipment, glass or china;

c) due to wear and tear, denting or scrathing, moth or vermin;

d) of valuables left as checked-in baggage.

7) for mechanical breakdown, derangement or for breakage of fragile or brittle articles being transported by a carrier, unless the breakage is due to fire or other accident to the vessel, aircraft or vehicle they are being carried in,

8) for valuables stolen from an unattended vehicle.

9) for personal baggage stolen from;

a) an unattended vehicle, unless it was in the locked glove compartment, or rear boot or luggage area of the vehicle and is covered so as not to be visible from outside the vehicle, and there is evidence of forcible and violent entry or.

b) an unattended vehicle (other than motorcaravans) left for any period between the hours of 9pm and 9am

10) for any shortages due to error, omission or depreciation in value;

11) for any property more specifically insured or recoveralbe under any other source;

12) for anything mentioned in the General Exclusions.