On your Holiday Travel Insurance you are covered for

Up to €500 for necessary hotel and travelling expenses incurred in reaching your booked destination, if the car you are travelling in breaks down or is involved in an accident or you being delayed as a result of a major accident on a motorway,or the public transport being used is delayed, resulting in you arriving too late to commence your booked journey.

Your are not covered on your travel insurance

1) if when the policy was issued, there was reasonable expectation that the trip would be affected by strike, industrial action, mechanical breakdown of the public transport, or adverse weather conditions;

2) if sufficient time has not been allowed for your journey in order to meet the check-in time specified by the transport providers or agent;

3) if you are not proceeding directly to the departure point;

4) unless you get a letter from the public transport provider confirming that the service did not run on time;

5) unless you obtain confirmation from the police or motoring authority (e.g Highways Agency) to confirm a major accident on a motorway causing delays or closure on the motorway

6) for any delay caused by a riot, civil commotion, strike or industrial action which began or was announced before the start date of your policy and the date your travel tickets or confirmation of booking were issued;

7) for anything mentioned in the General Exculsions.