This section does not apply to trips within Ireland or the United Kingdom (except for trips within the Channel Islands, where NHS treatment is not available).

Before a claim for emergency expenses can be submitted under this section, you must contact the Medical Emergency Service.

If during your trip you become ill or are injured


Up to €10,000,000 for costs incurred outside Ireland on Single Trip and Annual Multi trip policies:
Up to €3,000,000 for costs incurred outside Ireland on Longstay/Backpacker policies

1) for emergency medical and surgical treatment. Claims for emergency dental treatment (for the relief of pain only) shall be limited to €500:

2) for reasonable and necessary additional accommodation (room only) and travelling expenses (economy class), including those of one relative or friend if you have to be accompanied home on medical advice or if you are a child and require an escort home;

3) in the event of death:

a) for conveyance of the body or ashes to the Republic of Ireland ( the cost of burial or cremation is not included) or;

b) local funeral expenses abroad limited to €2,175;

NOTE - All receipts must be retained and produced in the event of a claim.
Your claim may be rejected if receeipts are not produced.

If you become ill or are injured we have the right to bring you back home, if the Medical emergency Doctor and the treating Medical Practitioner agree that you can safely travel home. If the treating Medical Practitioner does not agree you can safely travel home he/she must produce medical evidence. If you refuse to return home , we have the right to stop cover.


1) for the first

1a) €100 ( Single Trip/Annual Multi Trip policy) and €70 (Longstay/Backpacker policy) of any costs incurred as a result of in-patient treatment (including repatriation) if you do not have Private Health Insurance and have not obtained a premium discount;
1b) €55,000 or the amount covered by your Private Health Insurer (whichever is the greater), of any costs incurred as a result of in-patient treatment (including repatriation) if you have obtained a premium discount and where your trip is for a period of 180 days or less;
1c) €100 (Single/Annual Multi Trip policy) and €70 (Longstay/Backpacker policy) for out-patient treatment
of each and every incident per each insured person involved in the incident.

2) for any sums which can be recovered by you and which are covered under a National Insurance Scheme or Reciprocal Health Arrangement;

3) for any expenses incurred for illness, injury or treatment required as a result of:

a) surgery or medical treatment which in the opinion of the attending doctor and the Medical Emergency Service doctor can be reasonably delayed until you return to Ireland;

b) medication and/or treatment which at the time of departure is known to be required or to be continued outside Ireland;

4) for preventative treatment which can be delayed until your return to Ireland;

5) if you have not obtained a written certificate of fitness and ability to travel and endure the trip where you are undergoing medical treatment as a hospital out-patient at the time of paying the final balance of your trip;

6) for claims that are not confirmed as medically necessary by the attending doctor or The Mecical Emergency Services;

7) for the cost of any elective (non-emergency) treatment or surgery, including exploratory tests, which are not directly related to the illness or injury which necessitated your admittance into hospital;

8) for any additional hospital costs arising from single or private room accommodation unless medically necessary;

9) for treatment or services provided by a health spa, convalescent or nursing home or any rehabilitation centre;

10) for expenses incurred as a result of a tropical disease where you have not had the recommended inoculations and/or taken the recommended medication;

11) for taxi fares not considered medically necessary, and where receipts have not been provided;

12) the costs of telephone calls other than the first call to tell us about the medical problems;

13) for costs that arise over 12 months after a claim was first notified;

14) for undertaking a trip when travelling by air or sea if at the start of your trip, during your trip or on your return date, you are more than 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant for a single pregnancy, or more than 32 weeks and 6 days for a single pregnancy;

15) for any medical test you have planned or expect to have;

16) for any treatment or medication that you receive after your return to Ireland;

17) for anything mentioned in the General Exclusions.