Conditions attached to your Holiday Travel Insurance

1) No payment will be made under Section 1,2,5,6,7,13 or 18 without appropriate medical certification.

2) If we require any medical certificates, information, evidence and receipts, these must be obtained by you at your expense.

3) In the event of a claim, if we require a medical examination you must agree to this and in the event of death we are entitled to a post mortem examination both at our expense.

4) You must take all reasonable steps to recover and lost or stolen article.

5) If any claim is found to be fraudulent in any way this policy will not apply and all claims will be forfeited.

6) The original validation certificate must be produced before any claim is paid.

7) You must not make any payment, admit liability, offer or promise to make any payment withour written consent from us.

8) We are entitled to take over any rights in the defence or settlement of ay claim and to take proceedings in your name for our benefit against any other party.

9) We may at any time pay to you our full liability under the policy after which no further payments will be made in any respect.

10) At the time of purchasing this insurance you will have been asked questions to enable us to assess your risk, failure to answer accurately and honestly could lead to your policy being invalid and all claims will be forfeited. These may include but are not limited to questions about your state of health or that of an immediate relative or any planned sports and activities. If the answers change prior to departure you must notify us of this change.
11) If at the time of any incident which results in a claim under this policy, there is another insurance covering the same loss, damage, expenses or liability we will not pay more than our proportional share (not applicable to the Personal Accident section).