JustCover.ie Single/Multi Trip Holiday Travel Insurance
Cancellation cover applies as soon as the policy has been issued and the premium has been paid or at the time you book the trip, which ever is the later. The remaining covers apply for the duration of the booked trip (or earlier return to the Republic of Ireland). It also includes the period of travel from home directly to the departure point and back home directly afterwards not exceeding 24 hours in each case. If the return is unavoidably delayed for an insured reason, cover will be extended free of charge for the period of that delay.

'Cooling Off Period'
If having examined your policy wording, you decide the insurance does not meet your needs, you can cancel the insurance within 14 days from the date you receive the policy wording and we will refund the premium (less and debit/credit card expenses incurred by us) provided you have not taken a trip to which the insurance applies, and you have not made a claim.


Up to €5,000 (Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip policies), up to €1,500 (Longstay/Backpacker policies) if your travel and accommodation arrangements are cancelled before your departure from the Republic of Ireland (including ski hire, ski school and lift passes for winter sports trips where the appropriate premium has been paid), which have not been used and which you have paid for or contracted to pay for, providing the cancellation is necessary and unavoidable (and is not a result of mere disinclination to commence your trip as arranged) due to:

1) the death or disablement by bodily injury, illness, pregnancy or being subject to quarantine of (a) you, (b) any person you are intending to travel or stay with, (c) an immediate relative of your or of any person you are intending to travel with or (d) a close business associate of yours.

2) you being called for jury service or as a witness (but not as an expert witness or where your employment would normally require you to attend court) in a Court of Law

3) your redundancy or the redundancy of any person you are intending to travel with, provided that we are informed in writing immediately notification of redundancy is received and that you were not aware of any impending redundancy at the time this policy was issued:

4) your home being made uninhabitable or place of business being made unusable, up to 14 days before the commencement of your trip, due to fire, lightening, explosion, earthquake, subsidence, storm, flood, falling trees, riot or civil commotion, malicious damage, burst pipes, impact by aircraft, the police requesting your presence following burglary or attempted burglary at your home or placed of business.

5) your passport, or the passport of any person you are intending to travel with being stolen during the seven days before your scheduled departure date


1) the first €100 (Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip policy),€70 (Longstay/Backpacker policy) of each and every incident per each insured person involved in the incident (€30 for loss of deposit claims only);

2) claims where a medical certificate has not been obtained from a medical practitioner, confirming that cancellation of the trip is medically necessary:

3) anything caused directly or indirectly by:
a) any increased charges which may arise due to failure to notify your travel agent or tour operator immediately it is found necessary to cancel:
b) prohibitive regulations by the Government of any country:

4) claim arising from pregnancy, where, at the point of checking in for or boarding your flight, you fail to comply with the airline's policy for conveyance of pregnant women.

5) undertaking a trip when travelling by air or sea if at the start of your trip, during your trip or on your return date, you are more than 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant for a single pregnancy, or more than 32 weeks and 6 days for a multiple pregnancy

6) the cost of any visa required in connection with your trip

7) claims where a theft of passport has not been reported to the necessary authorities, including but not limited to the Police and Passport Service

8) Avios points,Loyalty card vouchers or points or unused Timeshare points

9) anything mentioned in the General Exclusions